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Lansing Michigan tent and party rentals

In order to ensure availability of the equipment of your choice, we recommend you reserve with us as soon as you know the date and needs for your event. However, based on availability of equipment, we will work hard to ensure your event is accommodated, even with short notice.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do require a deposit at the time of your reservation. Minimum deposit amount will be $50 and will increase based on the piece(s) of equipment you rent and rental length. Deposits are non-refundable unless cancellation is a result of inclement weather. Inclement weather will be based on the forecast as of, 8am the day of your event. 

What if I want to cancel?

We understand plans change. If you have to cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible. The deposit you make at the time of rental will not be refunded. We are happy to reschedule your rental or hold your deposit for one calendar year as a deposit on a future date. If you wish to reduce the number of items in your order, for example, tables and chairs, you must do so 14 days prior to your event, otherwise your deposit will be used to cover that cost, any balance will be applied to your "at delivery" payment amount. 

What if there is severe weather on the date of my event?

In the days leading up to your event, we will be carefully monitoring any potential for severe weather. If weather will be an issue on the day of your event, we will cancel and refund your deposit or reschedule your event based on availability. It is our policy to wait until 8 am the day of your event to make the decision to cancel due to weather concerns. A few things to keep in mind are that things like concessions, tables, and chairs can be set up indoors. Bounce houses and inflatables can also be set up indoors if you have access to a high-ceilinged building such as a pole barn, gymnasium, or auditorium. 

Where can equipment be set-up?

Bounce houses need to be set-up on a hard, relatively flat surface. We prefer to set-up on grass, however we can set-up on dirt, concrete or asphalt if necessary. Let us know at the time of reservation so we can bring the required equipment for those alternate locations. Bounce houses also must be set-up within 100' of a standard household 120volt electrical outlet. If you need to set-up away from a power source we do have generators available for rent.

Do you have pricing for shorter rental times?

We currently offer rentals in 2-hour increments starting at 4 hours. Due to the cost of delivery, labor, insurance, etc. we cannot usually offer prices on our equipment less than our listed "4-hour" prices, even if you don't want the equipment for the full 4 hours. But, if you have any special circumstances or a member of a non-profit or community organization please contact us and let us see what we can do to meet your needs! 

*All Payments are due by or at delivery, no exceptions*

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